Epic industries Guillotine – G.F. & G.R.V

Epic industries Guillotine – G.F. & G.R.V

Model:      G.F. & G.R.V
Capacity:     3080mm x 6.5mm M/S
3080mm x 3mm S/S

Length:     3900mm
Width:     1500mm
Height:     1850mm
Weight:     5 Ton

Standard Features GF Model:
* Blades extra heavy duty, super quality 4 edge bottom, 2 edge top D2
* Electrics are kept to a safe voltage of 24 volts
* 14 off. Individual clamp cylinders, Pressure automatically adjusts in accordance to shearing force. Independent clamps will firmly clamp uneven plate.
* Top beam guided by fully machined heavy-duty slides, Fully adjustable
* 14 strokes per/min at maximum rate
* Hydraulic manifold design dependable operation, top quality through out
* Shearing operation accomplished by double acting hard chromium plated cylinders connected directly to cutting beam, this provides maximum tonnage from cylinders, transferring all forces safety and smoothly into the frame.
* Shadow line lighting
* Clamp type back gauge, font gauge and front sheet supports
* Squaring arm with 1M rule
* Eleven kW motor
* Photo electric guarding to the rear of machine

Option GF Model:
* Rapid blade adjustments for simple blade gap setting using one handle at the back. Recommended if shearing varied thickness of material
* Electric go to back gauge, on ball screws with electronic backlash elimination 600mm or 1000mm travel
* Ball transfers on table, for easier handling of heavy material
* Rear pneumatic sheet supports for holding light material against backstop
* Variable rake adjustment
* Power back gauge 600mm travel

G.R.V Model Standard Features:
* All features of GF Plus
* Rapid blade adjustment
* Variable rake adjustment
* Ball transfers on table.

* Electronic control back gauge with backlash elimination (600mm or 1000mm)
* Pneumatic rear sheet supports for supporting light material up against back gauge
* Other option are available on request

The manufacture reserves the right to change specifications with out notice