Epic Industries Pan Brake – Hydraulic

Epic Industries Pan Brake – Hydraulic

Model:      Hydraulic Pan Brake
Capacity:     3mm x 2460mm

Length:     3.5 Meters
Width:     1.4 Meters
Height:     1.5 Meters
Weight:     3.2 Ton

Standard Features:
* Hydraulic clamp and unclamp from foot switch, this allows one man to operate machine and hold material in both hands; Clamping is limited to 10mm increments for safety. Unclamp from foot switch.
* Head clamping through trunnion bearings mounted on the centerline of the side frames.
* Fingers are high carbon steel, Apron blade high tensile steel.
* Electric’s low 24 volts foot switch. Overload protected.
* Clamping provided by large rams, Oil delivered to rams through steel pipes this is to minimize expansion of hydraulic hose when working at full capacity.
* Unclamp is controlled, to allow the operator to regulate the open height
* Bead head and apron are high unique design, to provide maximum strength. To give a straight fold.
* Automatic and manual control. In auto cycle after clamping start auto a[rpm will come up to angle set, then apron will go down and the head will unclamp to amount set by operator.
* Hydraulics and Electric components are European and with branches Australia wide.
* Motor 5.5kW

* Ten stations angle control. 99-jobs storage user friendly, Operator will be working machine with confidence in a very short time.
* One-piece blade on head.
* Other options on request

The manufacture reserves the right to change specifications with out notice.